Different Languages

Different Languages
Are you bilingual or have a destination themed decor such as "French Shabby Chic", "Italian Countryside", "Mexican Villa" then this is the place for you! With popular phrases in different languages you can add some style to your home with these vinyl wall decal lettering designs.
Have a quote that we DON'T have on our site, email us at custom@lacybella.com with a suggestion and let our creative minds whip up something amazing for you!

Amici Benvenuti
Italian vinyl wall quote for entryway "Amici Benvenuti"
Bendiga Esta Casa Con Amor Y Felicidad
Spanish vinyl decal sign quote home decor lettering
Bienvendios A Nuestra Casa
"Bienvendios a nuestra casa" vinyl wall decal Spanish language home decor...
Bienvenue a la Maison
vinyl wall decal for entryway "Bienvenue a la Maison" french quote
Bienvenue Mes Amis - Welcome My Friends
"Bienvenue mes amis" french wall decal quote for "welcome my friends"
"Bistro" vinyl wall decal kitchen home decor
Bon Appetit
French kitchen wall decal "Bon Appetit" sign quote sticker
Bon Appetit
French cooking quote "Bon Appetit" decal sticker
vinyl wall decal for French "Boulangerie" sticker for "bakery"
Boulangerie - Personalized
vinyl wall decal for French "Boulangerie" customized name
Buon Appetito
"Buon Appetito" Italian quote for "enjoy your meal" vinyl decal lettering...
"Cantina" vinyl wall decal sign quote Spanish bar
Ciao Bella - Hello Beautiful
"Ciao Bella" - "Hello Beautiful" vinyl wall decal Italian welcoming wall art...
Entri Come Amici, Vada Come Famiglia
vinyl wall Italian quote "Entri Come Amici, Vada Come Famiglia" home decor...
Familias Son Para Siempre
Spanish language wall decal quote "Familias Son Para Siempre" lettering
La Cucina Italiana
"La Cucina Italiana" vinyl wall decal sign Italian kitchen home decor
La Vita e Bella - Life is Beautiful
"La Vita e Bella" vinyl wall decal Italian welcoming wall art wording
Mangia e Statti Zitto
"Mangia e statti zitto" vinyl wall decal Italian kitchen wall art wording