Digital Download Details!

Are you curious about what "digital downloads" are? Let's chat!

When I started machines were sold mostly only to sign companies, and the software costs were aborbant to say the least. But then, sign companies realized they had a huge untapped market of the average consumer!

SignWarehouse who you can visit at (who I use for both all my equipment and vinyl material) has a vinyl cutter perfect for you AND it comes with FREE SIGN SOFTWARE! Awesome?! Yeah! And I'll make it better. Since I have stared at a computer screen using LXi software (the brand they use that is the gold standard) I know all the ins & outs. When I started there was no one for me to tap on the shoulder and ask a question. Nope, and I'm embarrassed to say that I had toddler like tantrums and stormed out of the room, only to find that it was a simple click to fix.

This software is very, very user friendly. And I'm very, very friendly! So I'll go on my website and send you a link where you can see my computer screen. On the phone you can watch your screen as you see me navigate and show you how it works in a tutorial that is less than 10 minutes. Because, really... it's not complicated!

If you do not buy the LXi software I can't offer support as I only have experience with this software and stand behind its quality.

First thing you need to know,
They are crap (sorry.. true!) and are very limited on what you can do for vinyl lettering. They are great for making cards and little projects. But for the
SAME PRICE AND FREE SIGN SOFTWARE you can get an actual vinyl cutter who sure can still do cards and small projects but you can also do EVERYTHING I do! At 24" width and on a rolling stand you don't need a hobby room, just slide it into the closet when you're not used it.

Here is what I bought when I started. There's lots of information, mostly up-sell options, that you don't need at least right now. Don't get overwhelmed! It's so easy!! So let's unpack what you want, need, and what you can just buy later:

The only thing I would absolutely encourage highly is to buy the stand! I went the cheap route when I started and skipped the cost, but as vinyl feeds it can go off track leaving your design ruined and your product in the trash. Nobody wants wasted material! To go directly to SignWarehouse's website click the below image.


This is the cutter I recommend:

Lots of information there, ignore 99% of it. Here’s what you do and don’t need:

  • Cutter Model:
    • VE R31 Cutter & Stand
      • Make sure that you buy the option with a stand! I learned this the hard way. The stand will keep the roll of vinyl behind it pulling straight. Without the stand, the vinyl will twist and you’ll waste a lot of your material. So go for the stand. Other than that, everything else is included in the $279 price. That’s the SAME PRICE you’d get at Walmart for a dinky Cricut that will only let you cut something as big as 12” x 12” and you have to buy and use their fonts and software. Blarg! Huge waste of your money!
    • SW Customer Service:
      • You can get basic customer service from them if you have questions about initial set up. They also provide a huge amount of videos on their website for easy reference. I am working with the owner to have video rights released to show on my site that people can browse.
    • Software level:
      • Go with what is free and included,  the LXi Apprentice Level (I paid over $1,300 for the software alone in 2008 when I started the company, so this is a huge savings!)
      • Personally, I use the Master Plus but that’s because I do a lot that chances are you aren’t, or if you want to down the road you can upgrade for a discount. I use Master Plus because of hand drawn graphics and embellishments that the average user wouldn’t know how use or would be a waste of software they aren’t interested in. So you’re good with the Apprentice.
      • I will even hop online and share my website address that lets you see my computer screen. I’ll call you and walk you through how to use it, super super simple!
    • Heat transfer vinyl kit:
      • You don’t need a heat transfer vinyl kit, unless you want to buy vinyl material that is used to heat press to t-shirts.
    • Tool kit:
      • Ha ha ha ha click no thanks. All you need is an x-acto knife and a box cutter. Oh an some scissors. Easy peasy! Pick them up at Walmart, the x-acto knives are about $2 and a box cutter is around $1.98.
    • Sign Vinyl Kit:
      • Say no thanks. This is basically giving you random products to try if you’re making outdoor or industrial signage. Chances are you aren’t at this point, so go without.
    • Supply kit:
      • Say no thanks. This is them trying to offer options that really only a commercial signage company would need
        • Banner bundle (this is for making long banners)
        • Magnetic signs – this is great if you want to make a decal for the side of your car without the commitment to applying to the glass. But you can just buy the magnetic sheet on their website down the road if you need one, no urgency at this time.
        • T-shirt transfer bundle – this is more for people who want to buy vinyl that is heated at high temperatures and pressed into a t-shirt. I looked into the industry and honestly, decals alone keep me so busy I don’t have time to offer up apparel as well. But if it’s something you’d like to consider, just know you can call SignWarehouse and they can give you all the information you need on what products to use and how.
        • Holographic & Fluor Bundle – this vinyl is crazy bananas expensive and pretty much just fancy finish vinyl that will cost you a ton, pass on it for now.
        • Sandblast Stencil – this is if you’re using your cutter in addition to a professional grade engraver. So skip it for now J
        • Stencil film – this could be something you’re interested in. The quality vinyl cutter can cut a LOT of products like the above materials to make t-shirts, specialty vinyl like holographic, printed, or glow in the dark.


SignWarehouse has EVERYTHING you’ll ever need or want, if you’re interested in something give them a call their customer service is amazing. So yeah.. just say YES to the stand and “no thanks” to everything else for now.


Where to buy vinyl. I use 2 companies, and They are both are located in the US and sell only 100% American made products. Don’t let cheap China products tempt you. Trust me, you’ll waste money and regret it.

The vinyl that I use is Oracal 631 This is the only company that is made here in the US, largest in the industry, and the first company to produce material that is specifically made for indoor wall textures! That means no strong adhesive that will ruin your paint or texture and has a matte finish.

  • is located on the west coast (so am I) so for speed in delivery I try to check their stock first. They are a much smaller company than SignWarehouse and have less stock availability at times, but still sell the Oracal 631 vinyl I use.
  • is the biggest in the industry and is almost never out of stock on any of its colors. They are also the only company I trust with my money when it comes to equipment or software. Their customer service is great, if you have a question just call them!


What vinyl to use.

  • I ONLY USE Oracal 631
  • Oracal is the only company that is made here in the US, largest in the industry, and the first company to produce material that is specifically made for indoor wall textures! That means no strong adhesive that will ruin your paint or texture and has a matte finish.
  • They also sell application tape (that’s the see-through film on top) that is made to work seamlessly with the Oracal 631 vinyl.
  • The application tape you’ll want to use is called HT-55 Application tape.


What’s the cost of vinyl & app tape?

  • Since you are a home user, unless you’re wanting to start your own business then high-five go for it girl!, all you need is 24” wide x 10 yards long. That 10 yards is going to last you forever! Unlike me who has to purchase huge bolts and lengths, you’re vinyl is going to cost you $25.59 at SignWarehouse click here for direct link or $22.49 at click here for direct link
  • So while I would blow through 10 yards before noon, 10 yards is going to last you a long time!
  • The only other thing you need to make a decal is application tape. Don’t let the price scare you, again this is coming in 100 YARDS! Holy crab apples, that’s going to take you FOREVER to blow through. So think of it as a 1 time investment.


Okay, get up.... stetch out, grab some water. I know it's a lot of information, but it really isn't so don't get overwhelmed, if you do just email me!

Brass Tacks for 1 time purchase of equipment and basic vinyl needs (that will last you forever!)

$279 for a 24” Quality Precision Vinyl Cutter with Stand
$0 free sign software included

$22.49 for a roll of colored vinyl

$79.20 for a roll of app tape that will last you forever and ever and ever

You’re one-time cost is $380.69


Now breathe… this is just one time cost. Going forward you have everything, all you’d want to buy more of is the Oracal 631 vinyl in different colors if you want, so that’s $22.49 whenever you want a new color. If you’ve bought from us or other companies chances are you’ve spent at LEAST this much or more over the years. But NOW you can have decals whenever you want! All of my designs are going to be available for digital download.

Digital Download Explaination:
You have access to all +2,000 of my designs! Pick one you want, add it to your cart, pay, then check your email! The file is already in your inbox! Open it up, fire up LXi, load your cutter and hit "Cut" Bam. Easy.

I will sell individual designs as well as packages that have several or many designs as a package. For example a Christmas package and it would save you money to buy all instead of each one individually. These prices are going to be less than $10 for individual and I haven't decided on the packages, I assume it would depend on how many designs are in that package. But it'll be a heck of a lot cheaper than buying from me. That's because I have overhead, employees, shipping materials, rent, payroll, ect. You don't! So these are going to be VERY VERY affordable!

Consider Starting a Business?!

Let's talk turkey if you want to put the machine to more use and make you money! Initially I bought it just for myself to use whenever I wanted. Then the economy crashed and I went from working at my kitchen counter to making $2,000,000 a year in sales annually. Not overnight, it took a LOT of hard work, long hours and sacrifice. But if you have the hustle there is a market out there, even though there’s lots of competitors, you can rise above and make serious money. Not creative? Good thing I am! Just buy my designs and you have all rights released. You can add them to your website or company and duplicate it in any way you like.

How to Sell?
Lots of options; Facebook, Craigslist, Craft Fairs, Home Parties, good old fashion word of mouth. But if you REALLY want to make cash, you want a website. That way you aren't tied to local markets, the whole world opens for you & they are waiting to give you money. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll go into more detail. Shoot me an email at and I can give you more information and you can find out that for $39 a month hosting, you're online and live. But for now I wanted to feature the cutter and what digital downloads are.

Still have questions? No problem! Email me and I'm happy to walk you through this. I want to make the process as carefree and easy for you as possible! I will have a LOT of content enriched pages full of how-to videos and step by step instructions on a lot of topics.