"LaNae, where is my order? Or do you know when it will ship?"

Great question! I'm happy to help! Shoot me an email!

Every batch is done by the day. So for example I will do all orders placed on December 12, 2018...

* organize by size and color in my software
* load the colors and cut
* remove excess vinyl with care and an X-acto knife
* apply application tape
* trim excess edges with finger guard level and sharp box cutter for clean lines
* sort all decals by the order details
* roll up in cute tissue paper
* weigh each order and record information
* then I go to my shipping partner's website
* enter in everyone's box size and weight
* pay for shipping
* print off labels and stick on the box
* go back to my website and enter in your tracking number on your order.

Phew.. see how that can be a long process for one person? I'm tired just from typing it out.

The website will go inactive for sales and purchasing. However clearance items will CONTINUE to be added and able to purchase for the many months ahead while I use all left over vinyl inventory I have after we closed officially in June.

Evern though I am a 1 person company these days, I sincerely do want to make your email a priority.

HOLIDAY HOURS: I have kids who are all in school, a wonderful crock pop cooking up dinner while I sleep during the day, so I have uninteruppted working all through the night. 

Just letting you know if you email me during the day why I might not respond until the evening. I'm a vampire until Christmas orders are shipped ha ha