Current Discounts

HELP! My discount won't work!

Here at Lacy Bella we want your experience with us to be an enjoyable and easy one! The last thing we want is customers who are confused regarding promotional terms. In a world of "terms and conditions" we know that it can be tempting to scroll right through and miss important information. Here is a couple of scenarios that answer most questions when it comes time to place your order:

1. My Groupon isn't working: Make sure that you are using the right code. The correct code is found on your voucher and is the all alphabetic code (i.e. ABCDEFG). If you cannot locate your code, please contact Groupon for assistance on retrieving your discount code.

2. Can I use more than 1 discount code per order? Unfortunately that is not possible. Most websites even big name companies like Amazon can only recognize 1 discount code per order transaction. Whether your code is for a dollar amount or a percentage amount, in the world e-commerce shopping cart code, the boil down to the same thing, a discount code. Because of this only 1 code can be used per order. Codes cannot be combined or waived online or by phone support.

3. My Groupon is expired, what do I do? First step is to email and ask them to reactivate your Groupon, and give them the all alphabetic code that is found on your Groupon voucher. If you do not have this code, then you will need to contact Groupon directly to retrieve it.

4. I have a dollar off coupon code, and a percentage off code, why can't I combine them on 1 order? This circles back to the explanation in #2. Only 1 discount code can be used per order transaction and codes cannot be waived or combined. Think of it as having a dollar bill and a quarter, they may be different forms of payment but at the end of the day they are money. Same thing with codes, one is a percentage and other is a dollar off amount and at the end of the day they are discount codes and cannot be combined.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with me regarding promotions we welcome you to email me directly at and I'm happy to assist you further!