Report the Copyright Copy Cats!

My love, time, creativity and soul has been poured into each design that I carefully design. Having a fly by night company, a mommy shop on Etsy who has no ethics since they are not a "business" or lesser talented companies have for the last 10 years in business, been copying my designs. Can you imagine just how hair-pulling that feels? Arg :(

As we move forward to digital download, if you purchase a design, it is instantly emailed to you and you will have FULL COPYRIGHT RELEASE! This means you can duplicate it all day long! Change, edit, add it to your company's design catalog, ect. That's the GREAT thing about digital downloads. Big companies or someone who just loves what I created and spends a couple dollars gets to do whatever their heart desires in an instant.

However with notorietyin the industry, from being established for a long time, and striving to be ahead of the curve copy right copy cats latch on.

Please help me right the infringements as they directly impact my business and the income that provides for my family.

If you see my designs floating somewhere online and it is not on my website, please email to report. Please provide the link and the image used. Perhaps they bought the rights! Or, sadly perhaps they need a legal notice so that accountability is addressed.

This is the nasty underbelly of creative work. Blarg! Leaves a bad taste in my mouth! I hate to talk about it, but for all my thousands of Lacy Bella Lovers, keep an eye out and let me know. If it does result in legal notice you will be rewarded for your loyalty with a healthy gift card reward.