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Digital Downloads are amazing! I've used them myself! Sometimes you can get graphics that would be expensive to purchase a graphics CD. Sometimes you are excited at starting your own business, and since you know about me and that my designs that are unique & I have set myself apart from a competitve market buying my digital downloads is a great way to get a catalog going. And some people just, bless their hearts, don't have the creative gene come easily. But that's okay, because that's what I'm here for! Buying inexpensive digital downloads give you the rights to add these unqiue designs online, a home-based business, or in a storefront setting. you may not sell or offer our digital designs or any part of the design, in any digital format, at any time.
LEGAL RIGHTS (Let's disclose the terms, thank you for reading this, and thank you in advance for abiding the terms and avoiding legal action.
Our vector images may be downloaded, cut and sold in or as a finished product only. You may not sell or offer our digital designs or any part of the design, in any digital format, at any time.
The design, as a finished product (vinyl, handcrafted, or printed) may be sold online, through a home-based business, or in a storefront setting. The designs may NOT be used for a wholesale or retail of any kind. Also, application inspiration pictures are the property of Lacy Bella Designs and may not be cropped out to remove the water mark and featured in any of your projects of business advertising.

If you would like me to teach you how to create your own pictures with Photoshop I'm happy to do so! Just shoot me an email directly at These pictures on our site are also property of Lacy Bella Designs and you cannot crop out our logo or feature it on online, through a home-based business, or in a storefront setting. If found, unfortunately, I will proceed with legal charges. If you have any questions about the legal terms, just email me and I'm happy to explain further.

There are cutters on the market, but with 10 years in business I know what is worth your money, and what is going to cost you the same price as a quality cutter as it would if you picked up a cutter from the hobby aisle at Walmart! ha ha Starter cutters are perfect for home or personal use as well as launching a business venture, yet small enough you can roll it into a closet and take it out when you need it.

(That's how I started my $1,000,000 in annual sales decal company, right at the kitchen counter with this cutter!)

I can't stress enough that you purchase the cutter that HAS A STAND! It will keep the vinyl straight and save you money by not wasting product. This cutter also comes with valuable (and expensive) sign software for free! When I got started, I had no one to ask questions about the software and easily got frustrated. So please know, that I am here and happy to assist you! We can do a live session where you see my computer screen and I can show you around the software.

  • Cricuts are extremely limited in their abilities and I would highly recommend NOT purchasing one, frankly, they are a waste of money. Just being honest :)
  • The popular Silhouette can fulfill many sign vinyl and heat press vinyl (thermal transfer material) cutting needs but also is limited as to designing and what you can do with it. Silhouette's are approximately $299, but I have a significantly better solution for you, and at the same price!
  • The Vinyl Express R-Series Vinyl Cutter from SignWarehouse (same one I bought starting out!) is the same price as the Silhouette, and it has A LOT more abilities!
  • If it were me, I'd HIGHLY urge you not buy a Cricut or Silhouette and waste your money, when you can get something far better and quality machine for the same price, comes with free software!



Let's Talk About Vinyl Material (same that I used through my entire business)
  • Want to get the same quality material that I used when selling decals? USCutter is highly recommended, they are 100% American made and the ONLY material that is specifically made for matte, indoor wall decals.
  • The brand is called Oracal 631 CLICK HERE TO SEE YOUR COLOR OPTIONS and come in 77 colors!
  • Starting out, if you are doing small projects the 12" wide rolls can be as inexpensive as $6.99 - $15.99.
  • If you need a project that is 24" wide, that goes for about $24.99!
  • See! I told you this is easy, and inexpensive to start up. First, offer basic colors like black, brown & white. As you grow your business, you can turn that profit around and expand your color choices.

Next, You Need Application Tape to Lay Over the Decal So It's A Rub On Transfer (if you are confused what the app tape is and does when applying, watch our how-to videos at the top of the website.CLICK HERE TO SEE PRODUCT PAGE It is crucial that you use the only application tape HT-55, that is specifically made for the Oracal 631 matte indoor vinyl. Depending on how wide your project is, they all come in 100 yards (which if you're starting out, this is going to last you a long time!

  1. For 12" x 100 yards the price is only $40.02, or if you need the 24" wide x 100 yards the price is $79.20.
  2. If your decal is meant to be outdoors more than six months, such as on car windows, boats, mailboxes, and signs, I highly recommend using the Oracal 751Premium Cast Vinyl
  3. Keep in mind, you're business is going to be small at the beginning, so only buy the product that you need to fulfill your orders.
  4. You don't need to go crazy and buy everything at once or feel overwhelmed. Remember I am here for you with any questions!


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