Who I Am

The “Lacy Bella” Story

First of all, it’s really strange writing about myself, but I just want to take a moment to share a little bit about me, our business, and how we became a leader in the vinyl wall decal industry.

A little about the owner…

Lacy Bella Designs was established in 2007 and we have a pretty cool story, if I do say so myself. First off, let me introduce myself, my name is LaNae Petersen, and I’m the owner and lead designer of this chic vinyl decal company. I was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and currently live in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

My journey began when I married my husband and best friend, Jared, and later that year giving birth to our beautiful daughter, Lacy. The world seemed perfect; we had a beautiful home, a new adorable and healthy baby, and I had an incredible husband who was a great man, and who also had an amazing, high paying job.

My passion for interior design

My entire life I’ve had a passion for interior decorating, so like most women I set out to nest my home. I found a local person who sold vinyl lettering, and I spent a pretty penny on adding decals to every room in our home. I thought, why not buy my own cutter so I can make things whenever I want without having to wait on someone else to make them? I mean, why not? My husband had a good job, so I didn’t think twice to go out and spend $5,000 on a professional cutting machine.

Like many American Families, the economy hits

Then, like what happens to all of us just when we think our lives are going great, the rug was pulled out from beneath us. Only four days after buying my cutter my husband came home and told me that he lost his job. As it turned out Arizona was hit very hard with the economic down turn and construction was one of the first industries hit. I had a pit in my stomach knowing that I just spent a large amount of money on something that wasn’t necessary and we could have used that extra money to live on.

Turning Devastation Into Opportunity

As many of us do on a daily basis, and especially when your family is in crisis, I took this matter to the Lord through prayer asking him what we should do. I came away with the impression that the answer was within myself. That’s when I walked downstairs, and told my husband, “You know that cutter I just bought? I think I can turn this into a business.”

I named the company Lacy Bella Designs and started small, doing projects for family and friends and preparing orders at my kitchen table. I ran into a lot of my friends who wanted something, but not sure what would look good. That’s when I decided to put together a few catalog designs they could choose from.

Word spread quickly when they saw the quality of the vinyl I used and unique look of my designs. I started the website in 2008 with a limited number of catalog designs. It wasn’t long before Groupon heard about our company (one of the reps was a happy & loyal customer of ours). We were proud to be the first wall vinyl decal company to partner with Groupon in our area.

Fast Forward to Today

Fast forward to today, 10 years later. We are now in a 7,000 foot warehouse, processing over 5,000 orders a month. In 2016 we celebrated breaking over $1,00,000 in sales that year. We have over 2,000 designs to choose from in our catalog and add more every week. And if you have something special in mind, no worries, because we even take custom order requests!

Lacy Bella Store Front Door

Warehouse Lacy Bella Store FrontThank you to our wonderful customers who have made our dreams come true! We love & appreciate each one of you, and are honored that you have opened your homes and walls to our vinyl wall decal designs!

N o w   s t e p   w i t h   m e   i n t o   t h e   f u t u r e !
As a leader in the industry it's my job to create things other companies haven't thought of and predict indusrty patterns and flows.
When I first started a quality machine was available only to businesses at heavy prices and then you had to pay absorbent software costs.